CB FENCING are using Wonder Walls products for our retaining walls. Wonder Walls is the oldest established manufacturer of panel and post retaining walls in WA, since 1983. Our retaining panels and posts are manufactured to suit WA soil and climate conditions and comes in 3 colours and 4 patterns.
Colours: Grey, Cream and Charcoal
Finsishes (Patterns): Plain, Limestone, Block and Slate
Retaining walls are precast steel reinforced concrete posts and panels, which are assembled on site using a catilevered configuration that can retain up to 150 cm (1.5 m).
Retaining Walls can be constructed alongside a drive-way and a wide range of other applications such as:
- Terracing steep slopes
- Retaining where space is limited
- Retaining heights up to 1.5 metres  
 - Attractive garden edging
The advantage with installing wonder walls is that it is generally cheaper than most other retaining systems and can be retained righ to the edge of the block, meaning a fence can be erected immediately (min 100 mm) behind the wall. Their concrete galvanised steel reinforced panels makes them extremely strong and lasts a lifetime.

CB FENCING  have many year's expericence in erecting retaining walls, and are recognised for our impeccable service.